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So Many Options!

One week of working on the Options menu of my current (as-of-yet nameless) android game project is coming to an end and I am proud to say that it is mostly working.

A nice and clean options menu – or so I hope.

I also took the opportunity to implement different Color Schemes, a feature requested by my test players. Personally, I would have been fine with just black’n’white (you can’t beat Classic Elegance, can you?) – however, after spending days on different color sets that hopefully suit every need, I find that some of them I might actually like more. So thank you for the suggestion!

Here is the “Game Settings” menu striped with the different Color Schemes I got so far (however, some may still be subject to change):

colorful, ain't it?
Game Settings menu striped with the different color schemes.


This much for now. I’ll leave gameplay screenshots and descriptions to future me, who will hopefully produce a proper announcement post for this game very soon.